Specialising in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, spinal and sports rehabilitation
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Julio has wanted to become a Physiotherapy since high school in order to help people improve their health and live a better quality of life.

Julio studied Sports Science in Italy and since 2015 Julio has been living in the UK completing his training as a Physiotherapist at University of Birmingham. Julio has been working within the NHS, Private Hospitals and GP Practices since being in the UK.

Since the beginning of his career, Julio has been driven by his passion and attention to details. Listening to his clients is his main priority in order to help him achieve the best suitable bespoken treatment to recovery and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Julio loves challenges and is always ready to go the extra mile in order to make his clients goals a reality. Julio’s hobbies are Triathlon and pizza of course. Julio is looking forward to seeing you in clinic. Together you can make great things.