Specialising in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, spinal and sports rehabilitation
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Nina qualified as physiotherapist from the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. As her goal was to develop further towards research, directly after obtaining her Physiotherapy degree Nina moved to Sweden and completed her MSc in Exercise Biomedicine – Human Performance at the Halmstad University. Both of her theses; Bachelor and Master were about low back pain, one of Nina’s main interests.

During her clinical practice Nina has been working in various hospital departments such as neurology, traumatology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and paediatrics. In her Master study she explored areas such as biomechanics of movements and learnt about performance limitations and improvements and how to test and evaluate them.

Nina has been previously working with runners and has experience in 3D gait analysis and gait retraining. Furthermore, she has a great interest in running injuries as well as other sport related injuries and experiences in low back pain rehabilitation.

From early childhood Nina had passion for sports and she has been playing volleyball for 8 years and dancing competitively for 12 years. Her dance-related injury brought her into the physiotherapy world and after seeing the importance of proper rehabilitation Nina decided to be the one to help others and become a physiotherapist.

In her spare time she is a passionate traveler and enjoys outdoor activities, hiking as well as gym, group training and Zumba.